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Since he was a boy Marco Méndez has always dreamt in forming his own company. As a small boy he practiced sports beginning with soccer, then mountain biking, later continued with kayaking, and then started to participate in rafting and adventure competitions. Thanks to some of these sports, especially the kayak, he was able to begin work 15 years ago in a company dedicated to rafting, and as the years passed by he was gaining more experience. Through these opportunities his dream closer and closer became reality. At 27 years old and through the support of his wife Ivannia, his parents, and his last boss Brett Shelton, Brian Cuttlers and Skip Amstron, Marco had the initiative to establish a small company dedicated to carrying out canopy tours in the Pacuare, a service in which many people benefit. With the acquired experience with the canopy and leaving behind his fears, he decided to go a little further to create Ecoaventuras, a company focused on quality and clients' security with an nice and pleasant work environment. Ecoaventuras is an entity that is devoted to the adventure tourism located in Turrialba at only 1 hour 15 minutes from the capital, 45 minutes from the Pacuare River and to 2 hrs from the Beaches of the Caribbean. This canton is a small town of 45,000 people and has volcanoes, mountains, rivers and valleys nearby. Because of the natural wealth that characterizes Turrialba, the idea arose in Marco to open new work sources and to show to the world his small but great country.


Great Experiences
For Traveling and Tourism

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Family values, dedication and commitment make Ecoaventuras a family company full of motivated motivation and motivated to transmit to its customers the happiness and satisfaction of enjoying every event and moment in all its activities.

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We are Ecoaventuras. We Connect people with nature in the Beautiful Costa Rica! We Challenge ourselves, our clients and our team, to discover great places.


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